Estetik Yay

Cold Coiled Springs


The wire coiled as cold special machines  according to TS 1440  They  work  compression, tension and torsion missions.  The areas of applications are mainly automotive clutch, electricity, textile, agriculture and other machine products industries.   


Wire Diameter     :  from  0,10 mm up to 14,00 mm

Spring Outside Diameter   :  up to 250  mm  

Spring Free Length          :  up to 1000 mm

Materials : EN 10270-1 /SM,DM,SH,DH ( DIN 17223-I/B-C ) Patented Spring Steel Wire

EN 10270-2/VD,TD,FD  Oil Hardened and tempered spring steel wire

EN 10270-3   -  AISI 302   Stainless  spring steel wire


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