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Hot Coiled Springs

Hot Coiled Springs


The bars heated  at wound temperature and coiled according to TS 1441 and UIC 822. They  work  compression, tension and torsion missions.  The areas of applications are mainly Railway locomotive and wagon bogies, automotive suspension, agriculture and windmill machines, stone breakers and vibration screen and heavy iron-steel and machine


Bar Diameter      :  from 10 mm up to 65 mm

Spring Outside Diameter   :  up to 45 0 mm  

Spring Free Length          :  up to 1200 mm

Bar Length     : up to 12.000 mm

Materials  : 60SiCr7 – 54SiCr6 – 50CrV4 – 51CrMoV4 – 67SiCr5 – 55Cr3  DIN 17221 –

BS 970 – S.A.E. 9254 – S.A.E.9260 –S.A.E. 6150

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